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Primus Motor

Innovative folk music with improvisation in focus

It all started in 2009 when three musicians with very different musical background met and started to explore music together. With a musical past covering folk, pop and jazz and a unique set of instruments the possibilities for what to come were wide open. As time went by they found a musical vision they all shared. It doesn't matter if it is the lyrical folk music of Sweden, the quickly moving reels of Ireland or their own compositions – the energy, the passion and the creativity in the music is the same.

This approach to music and their unusual combination of instruments have created a sound that is as unique as it is natural. At a concert with Primus Motor one can expect a rarely experienced energy and an ever-present feeling that anything can happen. When a harmonica world champion, a bass phantom and a mandolin virtuoso enters the stage together, one has no choice but to go with the flow!

Johan Lindbom - Double bass

Johan Lindbom - Double bass

Born and raised in Stockholm Johan started his musical life at an early stage. His first instrument was his voice and at the age of 11 he picked up the electric bass. He came in contact with the double bass at age 16 and only two years later he was admitted to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he in 2010 achieved a Bachelor Degree in Music Performance. The same year he were granted scholarships from the Royal College and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Johan has always had a wide musical interest, playing all kinds of music with focus on jazz and pop. During later years he has developed a special interest in Swedish folk music, a genre that in many ways has has been an uncharted field for the double bass. By finding new ways of using his instrument both melodic, harmonic and rhythmically he has created a personal sound that is unlike any bass player you've heard before.

Aside of playing with Primus Motor he has been a sought for freelance musician. Covering a wide musical spectra he has worked with for example; pop artist Sara Isaksson, jazz pianist Anders Widmark and folk singer Malin Foxdal. An extensively touring with these and other artists has brought him all over Scandinavia and many parts of Europe.

Currently, Johan focuses on digging deeper into Swedish folk music and taking the melodic expression of the double bass to a new level!

Magnus Zetterlund - Mandolin, vocals

Magnus Zetterlund - Mandolin, vocals

Magnus Zetterlund was born in Hudiksvall in 1980. Inspired by friends and his uncles he was interested in music as a child. Starting on trumpet at the age of 9, Zetterlund switched to guitar at age 12 and discovered the mandolin at age of 20. At that point he also started studying music and later on in 2007 he graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm as the first mandolin player ever.

With the release of the folk music trio Nordic’s first album, Metropolitan, in 2008 his professional career started. The band got well reknown and started to play all over Europe. Nowadays he´s one of the leading mandolin players in Scandinavia. His playing style is a mix of flowing melodies and loose and flexible rhythm accompaniments. His influences blends from traditional Swedish fiddlemusic to bluegrass and blues.

Besides playing with Primus Motor and Nordic he has performed with artists as diverse as Kersti Ståbi to Tomas Ledin to Esbjörn Hazelius to Malin Foxdal and Dan Viktor. Over the years Zetterlund´s list of works also includes cooperations with Cirkus Cirkör, Riksteatern, Västanå Teater and Clowns without Borders.

Magnus Zetterlund is a curious musician and at this point he´s studying and exploring the jazz genre with his mandolin. Time will tell how that sounds!

Filip Jers - Harmonicas

Filip Jers - Harmonicas

Filip Jers was born 1986 in a village called in Höör, in southern Sweden. At the age of 7 he started to play cello, switched to guitar at 13 and finally settled on harmonica at the age of 15. 2006 he started to study at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm as their first harmonica player ever. 2011 he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Jazz.

2005 Filip Jers won two golds at the World Harmonica Championships in Trossingen, Germany. Since then he has performing world wide, last years touring intense in Europa and also Canada and Asia. He plays both diatonic, chromatic and bass harmonica and his influences are everything from blues harpers to Neil Young and Toots Thielemans to Swedish folk music.

Besides Primus Motor, Filip Jers plays with Stockholm Lisboa Project and Filip Jers Quartet. He is often found as a guest artist in different projects; from hiphop guru Timbuktu to Jan Lundgren Trio and soulstar Pauline to different big bands. He has performed many times on national radio and TV in different countries.

With a background in jazz and folk music he has been called ”A Swedish harmonica sensation” by music critics around the globe and Filip easily moves between genres so look out – you never know where to find him next!

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